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Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes Slot Rundown

Hey, little adventurers! Remember the Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes board game? Well, get ready for a rad surprise because Pragmatic Play has jazzed it up with the Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes slot machine. Roll the dice, face some wild twists, and snag bonus boosts for epic wins!

Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes : A Fresh Take on an Old Fave

The Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes slot is Pragmatic Play’s sequel to the Snakes & Ladders Megadice slot, bringing back those royal flush poker hand symbols from 10 to A as the lower-pay gang. But here’s the fun part – say hello to snake baskets, snakes, bananas, and a chill gorilla stealing the premium spotlight. And guess what? We’ve got wild dice and the super cool BONUS symbol too!

What’s the Scoop on Wild Wins

As you jump into the Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes online slot, you’ll be rockin’ a 5×3 grid setup with 10 paylines, a snazzy 96.08% RTP, and a high-vibe thrill level. Wanna join the party? Toss in your bets, from 0.1 to 100 coins per spin, and aim for some wicked payouts:

Symbol Five on a Payline Four on a Payline Three on a Payline
Gorilla 50.00x 25.00x 10.00x
Banana, Snake 20.00x 10.00x 5.00x
Snake basket 15.00x 7.50x 3.00x
A, K 10.00x 4.00x 1.50x
Q, J, 10 5.00x 1.50x 0.50x

Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane with Some Bonus Fun

Crack open the bonus round by snagging 3, 4, or 5 BONUS symbols in the Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes online slot. Get ready for 12, 14, or 16 dice rolls on a massive 12×12 game board. You’ll kick off with a monkey head on square 1, and with each roll, it’s adventure time:

  • Money Award: Snap up instant wins from 4x to 100x your bet.
  • Multiplier: Pump up your earnings so far with a cool multiplier.
  • Ladder: Skip levels and jump to a higher square.
  • Snake: A tricky slide that brings you down a notch.
  • Banana: Trigger a wild sequence of random wins.
  • Rope Charmer: Shoot the monkey to a higher spot.
  • Final Position: Land on square 144 to score a mega 1,000x your stake.

Bonus alert: You’re guaranteed at least a 20x stake win. If not, the monkey goes RAGE mode, possibly kicking off a bonus retry. Want more? Retrigger the bonus game by landing four doubles (1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, or 6-6) on the dice, and pocket an extra dice roll with a 1-1 combo during the bonus game.

The Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes slot machine is your ticket to a groovy twist on a classic board game. Grab those dice, dive into the fun, and let SLOT SERVER THAILAND the wild adventures roll in as you chase down some killer prizes!